Write for Tutorials Corner

We are open to accept tutorial for various technologies.

We will help you to write the tutorials lesssion with predefined topics. Once you decide the technology/topic to write tutorial just send us an email on contact@tutorialscorner.net.

After that we will send you list of lessons to write for, there should be minimum 15-20 lessons. There should be some predefined format for writing lesson as below, when you are writing any lesson you need to maintain that format. We have define some tags to format the code and other text. Once it is completed then please send zip file of those lessons written in txt format on contact@tutorialscorner.net email address. We will review those all lessons and modify it if required.

There are some conditions for writing tutorial for us as below

  • Content must be unique and original
  • Once you submit any tutorials on this site, those tutorial can't be published on other site as it is.
  • If you can review grametical and spelling mistakes then it would be good.
  • Each lesson must have some sort of code which should print out the expected output that you have written in the lesson.

Format of the each lessions as below

1. Format Code Block

If you want to put any code in lession then enclose it within below html tags

Format Code Block
<div class="card"> <div class="card-header example-header"> <div class="code-example float-left">Try it</div> </div> <div class="card-body"> <pre class="prettyprint codeblock"> // Put Your code here </pre> </div> </div>

2. Highlight your text

If you want to show some highlighted text inside your lession then enclose it within span tag and add class 'highlight' tag as below

Highlight Text
<span class="highlight"> // Your text goes here </span>

3. Heading

If you want to show some heading inside your lession then enclose it within h1 tag as below

<h1> // Your text goes here </h1>

4. Bold text

If you fill that some texts required attension then please make it bold using b tag as below

Bold Text
<b> // Your text goes here </b>

5. Italic text

If you fill that some text should be displayed different than other text then make it italic using i tag as below

Italic Text
<i> // Your text goes here </i>

6. Unordered List

If you want to display some bullets points then use below piece of code so through out the site we can maintain same style

Unordered List
<ul class="point"> <li>Point 1</li> <li>Point 2</li> <li>...</li> <li>...</li> <li>Point n</li> </ul>

You can use bold and italic word together also if required.

Any other text apart from above tag, please enclose everything in p tag like below.

<p> // Your text goes here </p>