About Tutorials Corner

Tutorials Corner.net is a free interactive tutorials website for various technology. On Tutorials Corner website you can get various technology tutorials like JavaScript tutorial, JQuery tutorial, React JS tutorial and many more.

We are group of individual developers, we have launched this website as a part of our personal project. Our aim to launch this website to make everyone able to learn the code for free without paying anything. You can learn most of the technology on this tutorials website for free. The servers are used to run this project will be funded through running ads on website and donations.

Our main aim to start this project is to teach coding to everyone with the help of minimal resource, example and providing some effective exercises. We will also launch an exercise section for each tutorial, some interview questions & answers and test as well so you get asses your self easily and make yourself confident about your learning. We are also planning to integrate inbuilt code editor so students and developers can practice on the browser itself and no need to install anything on their system, which will create more efficient and quick coding process, the idea behind this is that they can focus more on learning rather than setting up the code running environments.

If you want to give any comments or suggestions, please contact us via contact-us page. If you want to give feedback then also use contact-us page.